Monday, March 5, 2012

Chocolate Covered Oreo Nonpareils!

The other day I needed a little something to take to a girlfriend. Nothing major or expensive, just a little treat to lift her spirits. I was kind of stuck on what to bring, until I remembered my Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Mold!

With the mold, melted chocolate, Oreos and nonpareils in hand, I made these Chocolate Covered Oreo Nonpareils in approximately 5 minutes. Seriously, the easiest things I've ever homemade in my life! They're perfect for a dessert table, as a party favor, teacher gift, etc. And with all the fun color options you can find nonpareils in now, {Target has some cute Easter sprinkles in their dollar section!} you could easily customize it to fit any theme.

So, since I had such great success, I thought I'd share. You can find the Cookie Molds in my shop, here.



  1. Thanks for the tip about this easy gift/favor idea!

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