Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Look!

I know nothing when it comes to blogs. Even the simple task of including my own logo on this page escaped me. Give me a theme and a budget and I will happily whip up a party... But give me a computer and a blog and I'm a lost cause.

Until... Do Do Dooo! Kristin at Simply Klassic Blog Design came to my rescue! If you're looking to spruce up your own page, I highly recommend Kristin's work. I gave her a few simple words of things I like (pink and polka dots) and less than 1 week later she nailed my dream aesthetic. When we started working together she quoted me up to 2 weeks for completion of the blog... And then went live in 6 days!

Thank you, Kristin! I love what you've done with this place.

Happy Presidents Day! Hope you're enjoying the day.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Push Pop Cupcakes

These are the little Valentine's I put together for my Son's preschool class. If you would like to reserve your Push Pop Cupcakes for an upcoming birthday or celebration, email me at Contact me at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Is So Much Fun!

Maybe this is too much information about myself, BUT... Growing up our Family had a little Valentine's Day song that goes a little something like... "Valentine's Day is so much fun. Sending cards to everyone. Big red hearts, so bright and gay, I love you, I LOVE you, that's what they say!". This is the tune my Mom woke us up with each Valentine's morning and once our eyes finished blurring we would find our Sees Chocolate candy Valentine's boxes, complete with a chocolate marshmallow, left for us by our dearest Valentine of all, our Dad.

Here are the current front runners for Valentine's my little guy Jackson might take to school with him. However... Before we start... Let it be known that I am no great photographer. I also lack graphic design skills. And finally, I nearly pulled my hair out trying to get these three "prototypes" made and photographed while my kids pulled every single naughty trick in the book. With that being said...

I spotted these Valentine's when I google searched "ice cream cone candy". So stinkin' cute! But in keeping with the tradition of the day, I thought it isn't really completed without a catchy heart felt phrase. I give you...

You Make Me Melt!

Then, as we were browsing through Wal-Mart one day, I came across these mini water painting sets. Everything mini is adorable, as far as I'm concerned. And in this case, a cute alternative to candy. I give you...

Our Friendship is a MasterPiece!

Last, but not least...
You PUSH my buttons and make my heart POP!

So there are our homemade Valentine options for this year. I'm leaning toward the Push Pop Cupcakes. With a different label for his teachers that reads, "Thank you for PUSHING me to learn." Whadda think?

I'm in full fledged planning mode for my Daughter's 2nd birthday on April 1st. I wrote last year that I thought I might do a Sock Hop this year. If only I knew then how wildly opinionated she would be at the tender age of 2...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 7, 2011

My Insanity's Party Party

Hi Everyone!

I entered two of my parties from last year into My Insanity's Party Party, which will name the Top 5 Parties of the Year! Both were selected as finalists, but now I need your help making my way to placing a spot in the top 5. With 2 days left to vote, Jackson's Under the Sea Bash is in 4th place, but I would obviously love love LOVE to improve that number (and keep myself from falling off the list!).

Will you help a fellow party girl out and vote for your top 3 parties? (Hopefully Under the Sea and Pinkies Out are included in your list.) Hehe. I will repay you with some pretty adorable Valentine ideas to send your kids to school with tomorrow. ; )

Thanks for supporting CupKate's Event Design!

Click here to vote!