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Friday, June 29, 2012

{Flash Sale Friday} Paper Straws!

There is another fun deal on Flash Sale this weekend in my shop! Paper Straws, in 13 colors, are available through Sunday, July 1st at 6pm(est) for just $2.50 per package of 25!

No party is complete without coordinating Paper Straws! Grab yours before they're gone!

Happy Friday!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Party In A Flash!

Party in a Flash Fridays have arrived at! I couldn't help but think that some of the Flash Deal sites were a little silly- offering many of the same products I carry for more than my regular retail! So, I decided I would throw my own Flash Sales to include really superb products at a true sale price.

Today is the first day and the product I am featuring is Japanese Masking Tape, also known as Washi tape for $1.95 a roll! The possibilities are endless for Washi Tape and I am so happy to have this product as part of my shop for just a few short days. The deal ends on Sunday at Midnight!

Tell me what you think... Are you happy about this deal? What other products would you like to see? I hope you'll come back for more each Friday!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Ice Cream for Teacher

I have just sent my babes off to preschool with a small token for their Teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The top label says, "Here's the scoop, I think you're really cool!" Inside was a gift card to our favorite ice cream shop, Bruster's. Mmm Mmm.

The hardest part of this project was ordering the labels from Paper in the Park and tying it all up. So easy! ... I love when easy is adorable.

The Ice Cream Tubs and Wooden Utensils will be available in my shop within the next day or two. Wahhoo!

What would use these Pint Sized Ice Cream Tubs for?


Friday, March 16, 2012

Peep Popcorn

When Christi from Love From The Oven announced her "Easter Recipe Contest" I started wracking my brain for ideas. Peeps and Company happens to be sponsoring the contest and my Mom is the greatest lover of Peeps known to man. If I win this, I will be her favorite, forevermore. And as the youngest of five daughters, that's a title I wouldn't mind having... And flaunting.

So here's my entry. A true ode to my beloved Madre. Peep Popcorn.

-1-2 Tablespoons butter
-1 Package of Peeps (The package that has 4 rows of Peeps) of your choosing, divided.
-1 bag of Microwave Popcorn. Look for the "Tender White" or "Crispy White" varieties. Using the "Buttered" flavors will result in a mushy mess.

First, pop your popcorn and seperate all of the unpopped kernels from your bowl. Melt your butter in a sauce pan over medium low heat. Once your butter has melted, add 3 of the rows of Peeps to the pan. Stir until the marshmallow melts and the sugar has dissolved. Pour your melted marshmallow mixture over your popcorn and stir to coat. Once coated, spread your popcorn onto a cookie sheet to dry. Chop up the remaining row of peeps and sprinkle on top of the popcorn as it sets.

You could also alter this recipe and use melted white chocolate to cover your popcorn and then sprinkle on the chopped up peeps.  Festive, silly and seriously delish... It will be a Happy Easter, indeed!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Chocolate Covered Oreo Nonpareils!

The other day I needed a little something to take to a girlfriend. Nothing major or expensive, just a little treat to lift her spirits. I was kind of stuck on what to bring, until I remembered my Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Mold!

With the mold, melted chocolate, Oreos and nonpareils in hand, I made these Chocolate Covered Oreo Nonpareils in approximately 5 minutes. Seriously, the easiest things I've ever homemade in my life! They're perfect for a dessert table, as a party favor, teacher gift, etc. And with all the fun color options you can find nonpareils in now, {Target has some cute Easter sprinkles in their dollar section!} you could easily customize it to fit any theme.

So, since I had such great success, I thought I'd share. You can find the Cookie Molds in my shop, here.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Push Pop Cupcake Tutorial

From time to time I hear that Push Pop Cupcakes are hard or messy to make. I happen to be the least crafty girl in all the world, so I can assure you this is not true. If I can do it, anyone can do it. But, there is a secret weapon in Push Pop Cupcake success... read on.

First, we start with the parts of our Push Pops. The Container, Stick, Lid and Pedestal.
 Assemble the stick to the pedestal first.
 Drop it through the container.
 Enter, the secret weapon. The kabob skewer.
 If time wasn't on your side and you "made" store bought cupcakes, no problem. Skewer your cupcake.
 Take off the wrapper and gently place it into the container. The skewer gives you pretty amazing control over where the cupcake actually ends up.
 You may want to use a second skewer to help get the cupcake off of the first one.
 Repeat the process.
 The process is much the same if you were a little ambitious and homemade your cupcakes. Skewer the cupcake at an angle this time for optimal placement.


To purchase your Push Pop Containers, visit the CupKate's Shop, here. ; )


Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday the new website went live! I can't tell you in words how excited I am to have the opportunity to buy and sell the party products that I LOVE.

{You may have noticed that I'm not extremely active on this page, if you haven't already, find me on Facebook for product updates, coupon codes and more!}