Friday, April 29, 2011

Pinkalicious Princess Party

Two years ago, I gave birth to one firecracker of a little girl. She's sassy and bossy. She lives for the color pink and princesses. Before her feet even hit the ground in the morning, she puts on a fancy little necklace. Many of our trips out to run errands include her sunglasses and a tutu. She's everything I ever hoped to be as a little girl. ; )

I really think birthday parties should be a reflection of your child. And with so many interests in everything frou frou and girly, I threw her an Adelynn themed party. This was all about her and the things she loves, with an emphasis on her true love of Princesses.

 Each little girl went home with a shiny pink purse. Inside was a hair bow, princess lip gloss and a candy necklace. Truly Adelynn's every day "must haves". When planning out the details of her party, I knew that although adorable, a paper cone shaped party hat simply wasn't what a true glamour girl would wear. So I made feather boa headbands for the girls to wear instead.
 These little pearl bracelets served as napkin rings and another take home gift for the girls.

 I decided to use my fireplace mantle as the dessert table. I thought this way the parents had a little more discretion over what their children ate at the party and I did not use any additional space in the room.

 If you didn't already know, Allyson Jane is amazing.
 A big thanks to Starbucks for launching their mini line of sweets just in time for Addy's party!
 A custom made cookie necklace by Allyson Jane. Yes, that necklace is totally (and deliciously) edible!

Tutu tights, really? I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally want some for myself! : P

Baby Kate modeling the "party hats".

We happen to belong to a large playgroup which is obviously made up of boys and girls. I didn't want to exclude the boys from the day, so they became our Knights in Shining Armour.

 The stick on mustache's don't necessarily have anything to do with being a knight... But, they're hysterical.

 Oh. My. Mercy! Erin from Whip it Good Cookies made these. They're adorable, right? Well, they taste even better than they look! Erin hand cut each dragon... What?? I seriously couldn't cut out a dragon with scissors and paper this well! Love, love! The cookies made it just in time to be placed at each boys seat.

So there we have it. Last year I speculated that I would be throwing her a Sock Hop this year. It cracks me up every time I think about it. WHO knew a 2 year old would be so certain about what kind of party they wanted? I'm going to speculate on next year, just for fun... I'll say, it will be Barbie. : P

A special thanks to the superb vendors who helped make Adelynn's day so special..

Photography by,
Destinee Thurston at Cellar Door Photography

Paper Products by,
Susie and Kassy from Paper in the Park

Princess & Necklace Cookies by,
Ally from Allyson Jane

Dragon Cookies by,
Erin from Whip it Good Cookies

Party Dress by,

P.S. Did you notice what her party does not include?? Push Pops! By the time the party came, I had sold through every single container!



  1. This is way tooo adorable! I would love to share with my readers! ~Ellen

  2. This is so incredibly cute! While T doesn’t wear a tutu or lip gloss at this time, she definitely is developing a love of princesses (she watched the royal wedding with me repeating ‘Pretty Princess!’ over and over). I’ve thought about doing a princess party for her 2nd birthday, but think I’m going to save it for another year or so. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! (P.S. - Love the idea of putting the food on the mantle. Dessert displays don’t need to be overwheming to be beautiful!)

  3. OMG I may just have fallen in love with you!!! This is so well done!

  4. This is SO great. I love the dessert table on the mantel - genius! Also love the pearls as napkin rings, knights in shining armor table and "Bipity Bopity Bons..." clever!

  5. The is the first time I have seen cotton candy incorporated into the party, and I love it! Having a princess themed birthday party is a great idea to make your daughter and her friends feel like a princess for a day. The decorations, invitations, and activities you could do are endless. Having the right princess party supplies can add more fun and excitement for the special birthday girl!

  6. how did you get the cotton candy to stand up in the candle holders??

  7. What a lovely pinklacious party it is ! Decorations are just mind blowing. Loved it.

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  8. Your post is amazing. The birthday event pictures truly depict the words that you used in you second paragraph of your article. This event surely looks like a Princess birthday party.