Friday, May 14, 2010

A Super Sweet 1st Birthday!

These are the pictures from my Daughter's 1st birthday party. I had SO much fun putting this together. It all started when I Googled "birthday party themes for girls" and found the super adorable lollipop party Kim did for her daughter at the TomKat Studio. It was so exciting to see what she was able to create! With her party as my inspiration, I was off and running.

First up was finding a cake. Back to google I went where I found this amazing cake! I did my best to re-create it at home. This was my first cake making experience ever. And I'm not a very skilled artist, so the fact that this didn't turn out totally terrible thrilled me like you wouldn't believe!

Then there was the "Candy Shop". My wonderful husband made this for me and my amazing Mother In Law custom made the table skirt and canopy. It rocked!

Next came decorating and the Birthday Girl's outfit. I ordered her little outfit on Etsy, of course.  The lollipops up the walk way were a hybrid of the lollipops TomKat made and Christmas decorations our family used when I was a kid. I won't lie, they took me approximately 75 years to make. But, I was happy when they were done!

I made the centerpieces using candy buttons and some old floral vases. The utensils were tied up with the same ribbons used throughout the party and adorned with mini lollipops. The birthday banner and all of the labels used in the party were made by a local paper shop and coordinated with her sticky sweet invitation. (I saw the wording on another blog and now can't find the source. Does anyone know who??) It says, "Oh how she's grown, no longer a baby. Sweet mixed with sassy, she's our little lady." I still get a little misty when I re-read it, I can't believe she's already one! I also made the lollipop cookies which weren't perfect, but did the job.

And, after months of planning this party I thought it was only fitting to serve a cocktail. (Mostly because by the time the party came, I needed one!) I filled glass bottles I found at HomeGoods with the "Sour Lolly" and labeled them "Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker", the famous quote attributed to Ogden Nash. With a rock candy swizzle stick, the Sour Lolly was to die for.

With T-minus 10 months before my Baby Girl turns 2, I'm thinking "Sock Hop" for next year. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We have lift off!

Many people have hobbies. I have a hobby too. But on the scale of devotion to your hobby, I'm caught up in a wild love affair. Children's Party Planning is it for me. Parties excite like I can't describe. It's just so fun! And, it's a limitless hobby. Your only boundaries are those that you and your budget create! What's even better? Parties create some of your life's happiest memories. Darling details, fabulous friends, lots of laughter and crave worthy cakes... Really, what isn't there to love about a party?

I can't promise that this blog will feature ONLY party planning tips and ideas, however. Because I'm a mom to two very darling children and occasionally a product, tip or recipe that serves our family might serve someone else too. And I plan on sharing.

So what I hope to create here is a daily dose of happy. I hope you will join me by sharing your finds, ideas and comments!