Thursday, May 13, 2010

We have lift off!

Many people have hobbies. I have a hobby too. But on the scale of devotion to your hobby, I'm caught up in a wild love affair. Children's Party Planning is it for me. Parties excite like I can't describe. It's just so fun! And, it's a limitless hobby. Your only boundaries are those that you and your budget create! What's even better? Parties create some of your life's happiest memories. Darling details, fabulous friends, lots of laughter and crave worthy cakes... Really, what isn't there to love about a party?

I can't promise that this blog will feature ONLY party planning tips and ideas, however. Because I'm a mom to two very darling children and occasionally a product, tip or recipe that serves our family might serve someone else too. And I plan on sharing.

So what I hope to create here is a daily dose of happy. I hope you will join me by sharing your finds, ideas and comments!


  1. You remind me of Sandra Lee but for kids parties with all of your ingenious decorating ideas and cool short cuts. Love it!

  2. This is a very unique kind of hobby but interesting and exciting at the same time because children's parties are lot of fun. From their decor to food everything is exciting and fun to do.