Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I have to be honest, I'm a traditions girl. Even the thought of a Family Tradition feels warm and cozy to me.

One of my favorites as a child was when my mom would start an advent calendar with us. Oh heavens, is there anything more exciting than opening that little window and finding a sweet piece of chocolate inside?? Well, it turns out, yes there is. My (much) older sister (hehehehe), started an advent calendar with her children many years ago. Instead of including sweets or special treat, she wrote an activity for the family to do together that day. So for everyday in the month of December, the family all participated in some spirited event. When I married my husband, Becky gifted us with our very own Advent calendar. The. Most. Fun. Thing. Ever!! Holy smokes, we now have 24 days of traditions leading up to the main event!

The activities you choose to do with your family are totally up to you. Extravagant or simple. Here is the calendar I've put together for our family this year. Since Jackson and Adelynn are really getting into the years of understanding and loving the Christmas magic, I can't wait to get started! Ahem... Please note that I wrote all of these to be read to my 3 and 1 year old. Please don't judge my over excitement and/or goofy wording. ; )

Wednesday, December 1st- Hooray! Only 24 more days until Christmas. To kick off the season, choose your favorite Christmas carol and sing it for the family after dinner.

Thursday, December 2nd- Let's snuggle up with hot chocolate and watch ELF.

Friday, December 3rd- Severna Park is lighting the community Christmas tree tonight. We will be there!

Saturday, December 4th- Santa is flying in from the North Pole!

Sunday, December 5th- Let's all go help Dad cut down our Christmas tree. Maybe we'll even see Reindeer today!

Monday, December 6th- Take a minute to remember how blessed we are this Holiday. Pick a toy out at the store and donate it to Toys For Tots.

Tuesday, December 7th- It's Jack's special day. Pick your favorite thing for Mom to make for dinner tonight.

Wednesday, December 8th- Today is Adelynn's lucky day! Pick your favorite thing for Mom to make for dinner tonight.

Thursday, December 9th- Get out the flour and sprinkles galore, it's time to bake some Christmas cookies!

Friday, December 10th- It's our Playgroup Cookie Exchange!

Saturday, December 11th- Bundle up! Tonight is the Parade of Lights in Annapolis!

Sunday, December 12th- Toot! Toot! All aboard the Santa Train!

Monday, December 13th- Could that be Santa whizzing by on the Fire Truck? Listen close all day so we don't miss the big man in red!

Tuesday, December 14th- Mom's turn to pick her favorite! Mmm, what will I make??

Wednesday, December 15th- Hop in the car, we're off to see the Lights on the Bay!

Thursday, December 16th- Jackson is a super star! Let's go see our boy perform at his preschool show!

Friday, December 17th- Another awesome Christmas light display! Let's go check out the "Christmas Street"!

Saturday, December 18th- Can you hear the jingle bells ringing? Let's go see the Polar Express in 4D!

Sunday, December 19th- Today is the big day! I hope you've been nice... We will go tell Santa our wish list this year.

Monday, December 20th- Our town looks so beautiful for the holidays! Get in the car and drive around to look at the lights. When you see something spectacular, leave the family a thank you note!

Tuesday, December 21st- Invite your friends over to decorate gingerbread houses. Try not to eat all the gumdrops, please.

Wednesday, December 22nd- What would Dad like for dinner tonight? It's his turn to pick his favorite!

Thursday, December 23rd- A special day with Grandpa, Didi, Carly and Kyle!

Friday, December 24th- Merry Christmas, to our little Family! Enjoy the day and be good to one another. Wait to see if the Jammie Fairy will come tonight, then ask Daddy to read you "Twas the Night Before Christmas" before bed.

However you celebrate the holiday season with your family, I sincerely hope it's a magical one!



  1. I LOVE this idea! We go to Applewood Farm for pumpkin picking every year and this year we're checking out the Christmas stuff too.

  2. I LOVE this too!! Thank you so much for sharing! You have inspired me to do the same with my family!!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you guys like the idea! It really is so much fun to do as a family. :)

  4. This is so cute! I've been trying to find local family-friendly events beyond Annapolis, so thanks for that! (and btw, I love the aviation museum. Your son is going to have a blast there!)

  5. Seems like you have great plan for this December, I am so much impressed, I believe everyone should follow your practice and made this time of the year memorable. Good post, thanks for sharing it